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joey-hensonAzure Skies is a consulting firm owned and created by Joey Henson — “As an Ex-Google and LinkedIn account rep and a recognized expert in the field of digital marketing and a curriculum advisor to George Washington University’s Digital Marketing Program, I use my knowledge of the platforms and experience across hundreds of accounts to make customized plans for every client.”

We really care about you and your company. We want to make sure you thrive in the online space using the metrics that you care about. Your ads have so much power when it comes to brand image, driving revenue, and showing up to relevant audiences. Let us help you design a plan that makes sure we are making the most of all of these opportunities and accelerate your business to success!
  • Think of us as an extension of your team, working to drive profitable results.
  • We will spend the first few weeks/months testing new strategies and then driving growth in the categories that are producing best.

Increase visibility, encourage engagement, drive conversions.

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Full Spectrum Online Marketing

Growth Marketing

The ultimate success of your business is based on much more than just quick lead conversions. Yes, conversions cause growth and revenue, but the true sign of success is found in longevity and multiplication. With a smart and efficient growth strategy, those initial conversions mature into brand ambassadors for your business, creating additional, increasing, and sustainable growth on their own — all without you doing a thing. Azure Skies is ready to implement a growth strategy to optimize the marketing funnel, creating self-perpetuating increase on an exponential scale.

Digital Marketing

Getting your business in front of the right audience is paramount to growth and success. How can potential customers engage unless you're in their sights? Whether it's email, social media, web-based advertising, PPC, text and multimedia messages, and more, we have the experience, toolset, and expertise to effectively market your business to those seeking the solutions your product or service provide. Our conversion strategies turn visibility into profitability — and in tandem with our growth marketing techniques, maximize market share and sustainable revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Successful companies know that social media is where people go to express themselves, engage in dialogue, and elicit response. This means a unique opportunity for small businesses to build relationships, and ultimately brand power, with current and potential customers. It becomes a canvas to develop an image and voice that engages directly with its target audience, fostering a personal one-on-one touchpoint that builds trust and reputability. The sheer amount of traffic social media drives also means that your business is served up to endless individuals.

Demand Gen Marketing

The difference between a lead and a high quality lead may be bigger than you realize. While leads can certainly convert to sales, high quality leads — like those farmed through Demand Gen Marketing — enter the funnel much more informed, carrying with them brand awareness and higher level of interest in your offerings. These leads are ripe and mature, ready to produce and multiply to a higher degree, and with more long-term potential. Azure Skies understands that when we position your business as an authority in your space, high yield leads accelerate through the pipeline.

E-Commerce Marketing

If you're selling your product or service online, you understand that your business lives or dies depending on how many quality leads, ready for action, are driven to your website's storefront. Casting a net without holes and to the right side of the boat means effectively utilizing multiple customer acquisition channels, including social media, digital content, banner ads, search engines, email campaigns, and more. Our E-Commerce marketing strategies propagate brand awareness through targeted campaigns, resulting in educated and eager leads at your digital doorstep.

Search Engine Marketing

You've probably heard the saying "Google is king." Many would love to circumvent this fact and autonomously generate leads out of thin air. Yet the fact remains, in the world of visibility, Google is definitely king. The question becomes, how do you efficiently leverage your brand while navigating Google's complex search result page (SERPs) algorithms — ones that in many ways have the power to pick winners and losers? Azure Skies specializes in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, increasing actionable impressions and simultaneously boosting rankings in organic search results, resulting in one of the highest forms of truly effective online marketing.

Marketing Strategies

If you are unsure of the best ways to take you product or service to market, we can help. By working with us and doing a deep dive through your business, we can make a unique plan that makes the most sense for you business given your specific set of KPI's and budget.

Ads Management

If you are a small business and do not have the time to worry about ads, let us handle it for you. We can take over your ads and make on the go optimizations for ads to keep performance high.

Lead Gen

Digital saturation is at an all time high, making it increasingly difficult to hold people's attention long enough for effectual content consumption. How do you develop messaging that stimulates and harvests legitimate interest in your product or service when there's so much static competing for attention? Quality lead generation is more than just saturation, it's about increasing brand awareness, building relationships, and ultimately closing deals through smart, market-specific campigns that "trim the fat" and deliver answers consumers are looking for. Azure Skies will develop a plan.

Exceeding Expectations

Client Testimonials

Joey brings to the table everything a brand needs to thrive in today’s digital advertising ecosystem: finely-tuned marketing instincts, an analytical orientation, intimate ad-platform knowledge, and an eagerness to experiment and continuously learn. In just three months, he enabled us to double our volume of ad-driven conversions and increase our ROAS by over 20%. Joey has been an absolute pleasure to work with; I strongly recommend his services!

Chris Bartenstein

Founder, SmilePrep

Joey has a keen and broad understanding of the overall e-commerce dynamics. He’s an expert marketer with unique inside skills obtained by working at industry leaders like LinkedIn and a Google. From expert lead B2B generation to full funnel YouTube and Google marketing, Joey has a proven track record that can’t be denied.

Gustavo Mitchell

Chief Marketing Officer, In Season Jewelry

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